Project: Acquaferma

Location: Florence, Italy

Year: 2011

Program: Film Archive

Collaboration: Mark Eichler

Advisor: Daniel de Riva, ARC407

Acquaferma is not a project that adheres to the geographical limitations of one of the city’s major boundary conditions. Rather, it is a project that occupies and transforms that boundary.

By establishing the Arno as its site, Acquaferma defines a setting that is unique within the city of Florence. The river now serves as a zone that mediates North and South, not as divide that is simply bridged, but as a physical and natural element that is embraced.

A varying degree of spatial and visual engagement with the river is essential not only in maintaining the historical and emotional ties with it, but as activating it as a point of destination.

On the surface, Acquaferma is a pedestrian archipelago that disappears with the tides. Beneath the surface, it is something else...

Into the depths of the river a person descends, discovering through darkness and echoed footsteps a ruin of sunken grottos that draw upon the inherent mythos of the water.

Acquaferma is a cinematic and phantasmagorical otherworld.

© Shawn Conte 2014