Project: Geode Chair

Year: 2012

Program: Furniture Design

Collaboration: Edith Gawler, Jane Ngo

Advisor: Sekou Cooke, ARC500.3

The Geode Chair has two logics:

On the exterior, the Geode Chair reads as a solid platonic object. Its cold, weathered metal surface serves the purpose of a modern tabletop, placed in the center of a room and experienced in the round, or tucked away to minimize its impact in a smaller space.

Unpacked, the Geode Chair reveals its soft, brilliantly colored interior. It is faceted in a way that becomes a surface for sitting, inviting users to lounge and otherwise relax in the comfort of their home.

Each unit can be multiplied to create a variety of sitting and surface configurations. Its transformation ultimately changes its surrounding environment into a social gathering space, or place for an intimate conversation.

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