Project: H. H. Turm

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Year: 2012

Program: Telecommunications Tower

Collaboration: Jürgen Johner Architekten

Commanding Hamburg's skyline is the Heinrich-Hertz-Turm, a radio telecommunications tower that was erected in 1968. A restaurant and rotating observation deck once offered pristine panoramic views of the city, but have since been shut down due to new fire safety regulations and asbestos.

The goal of ThinkTank Hamburg was to update and re-imagine this once significant destination spot for future development.

First, new vertical circulation will wrap the tower in the form of a double-helix. A new, white steel structure will reinforce the tower and circulation, while donning an updated aesthetic. The larger, primary structure will intersect the ground at three points, like a tripod. A smaller, secondary structure will be used as further reinforcement, acting as a lattice that lightly veils the existing tower.

In 2011 Hamburg was designated as a European Green Capital by the European Union. As such, the tower will be transformed to resonate with the city's values. A wind turbine inserted between restaurant and observation deck will operate both symbolically and functionally for the city of Hamburg.

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